As lightbulb moments go, these rear lights take some beating

    A trick of the lights

    And then, of course, there are those lights… What is it about 292 light bulbs that illuminate like a digital domino rally across the full width of a car? On the one hand, it’s unnecessary; on the other, it’s so damn cool.

    Seriously, there’s nothing quite like getting out of this Audi and watching as you press ‘lock’ on the key. Think you will get bored of it? You won’t, and anyway, for a bit of variety, do it as you walk away from the front of the car, too. The headlamps do the same thing!

    In a nutshell, this new A7 Sportback combines all the prestige of a luxury saloon, the poise and lines of a coupe and the functionality of an estate car. It’s loaded with some of the most innovative technology ever invented for a car, and combines class leading performance and economy with one of the most comfortable, relaxing driving experiences you are likely to find.

    But let’s not pretend otherwise. Audi had us at those dancing lights, right?  

    This article originally appeared here via Google News